Robert Kopecky

Author ≈ Speaker ≈ NDE Survivor ≈ Artist

Welcome, this is where you can link to Robert's books, blogs & more. An illustrator and animation designer turned spiritual author and speaker, Robert's three Near-Death Experiences and years of meditation, study, and service, have taught him some powerful spiritual lessons (the hard way) he would like to pass along to you (the easy way). His books, columns, appearances, and workshops are intended to help with any with questions or concerns you may have about life–or death–and experiencing Heaven on Earth. Watch Robert's appearance on PBS-WTTW Chicago, check Robert's Facebook Author Page for other radio and TV interviews.  

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How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying), Wisdom From a Near Death Survivor  is about how to locate Heaven based on the lessons of his three NDEs: Principles of spiritual Perspective from his out-of-body experience; Presence learned from a "life review" & from timeless wisdom texts; and ways to find your Purpose that come from being "forced back into life." Everything you need to help you find and create Heaven on  Earth  — without really dying!